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NIST Sigma Xi Postdoc Poster Presentation

The NIST Chapter of Sigma Xi invites all Postdoctoral Fellows to present a poster on their scientific research to their NIST coworkers and friends. Guest Researchers who have received their advanced degree in the last five years are also welcome to participate. All of the participating Postdocs and Guest Researchers will be invited to the Awards Reception where the most outstanding posters will be announced.

Submission Page

If you would like to support our postdocs and guest researchers through this event, consider joining the PPP Organizing Committee.


Electronic & Magnetic Materials and Engineering Category

Brian Roxworthy, "Electromechanical resonance tuning and phonon lasing of individual optical meta‑molecules"

Yiliang Bao, "An optomechanical accelerometer with a high‑finesse hemispherical optical cavity"

Biology, Biotechnology, and Chemistry Category

Connie Remoroza, "Fingerprinting prebiotic oligosaccharides in NIST human milk reference material (SRM 1953) by HILIC-ESI mass spectrometry"

Erica Stein, "Considerations for digital droplet PCR to quantitatively measure miRNA using a two-stage method"

Computer Modeling & Simulation and Physics Category

Qing Li, "Octave Spanning microresonator frequency combs for metrology"

MD Hassan, "The precision measurement of the electron-antineutrino correlation in neutron beta decay"

Nathan Mahynski, "Self-assembly of multi-flavored two-dimensional colloidal crystals"

Energy, Water, & Environment and Polymers Category

Mirjana Dimitrievska, "Neutron Scattering Studies of Hygrogenous Materials for next generation energy storage"

Kenneth Mineart, "Versatile cholesterol functionalized block copolymers in aqueous dispersions"

Please join us for the 24th annual Postdoc Poster Presentation

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Administration Building (101)

Front Hall, Lecture Rooms A & B


  • Computer Modeling and Simulation
  • Energy, Water, and Environment
  • Physics
  • Polymers

AM Session 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Electronic and Magnetic Materials
  • Engineering




Physics and Engineering (P, E)

Jason Liu, “Nitrogen-vacancy magnetometry on patterned permalloy nanostructures”

Jacob LaManna, “Simultaneous multimodal neutron and x-ray imaging for multiphase quantifications in engineering and material science”

Materials (M)

Nicholas Bedford, “Elucidation of sequence-dependent structure/function relationships for monometallic and bimetallic nanoparticles: toward the establishment of bio-inspired rational design rules”

Nathan Mahynski, “Entropic control over nanoscale colloidal crystals”

Chemistry, and Polymers (C, Y)

John Royer, “A rheological signature of frictional interactions in shear thickening suspension”

Adam J. Biacchi, “Novel solution chemistry routes to 2D tin chalcogenide nanoelectronic device components”

Biology and Biotechnology (B, BT)

Elizabeth Kelley, “Towards understanding the role of lipid diversity in tuning biomembrane dynamics”

James Hands, “Rapid brain cancer diagnostics: Stratified blood serum analysis via ATR-FTIR spectroscopy”


The NIST Chapter of Sigma Xi invites all NIST staff to join us for the Twenty-Third Annual NIST Sigma Xi Postdoctoral Poster Presentation (PPP). The PPP will take place on Friday, February 19th, 2016 in Lecture Rooms A and B and in the adjoining hallway in the Administration Building (Building 101). There will be two sessions: Session I (9:00 am to noon) featuring categories E (Engineering), M (Materials), and P (Physics); and Session II (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm) featuring categories B (Biology), C (Chemistry), T (Biotechnology), and Y (Polymers).  Refreshments will be provided during both sessions. Please take this opportunity to meet NIST's newest researchers and to learn about the excellent work that they are doing. 

2016 Abstract Booklet

2016 STATS

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Submissions by category.

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Submission timeline.

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Contributions by operating unit based on percentage of members.

2015 Award Winners

Left to right: Karen E. Grutter, Krishna C. Balram, Muzhou "Mitchel" Wang, Ryan Beams, P. Douglas Godfrin, Bharath Natarajan, Alexander Grutter. Not shown: Bryan A. Bryce 

Left to right: Karen E. Grutter, Krishna C. Balram, Muzhou "Mitchel" Wang, Ryan Beams, P. Douglas Godfrin, Bharath Natarajan, Alexander Grutter. Not shown: Bryan A. Bryce 

Physics (P)

Karen E. Grutter, “Stress-Tuned Si3N4 Slot-Mode Optomechanical Crystals”

Ryan Beams, “Sub-Diffraction Microscopy of Two Dimensional Materials”

Materials (M)

Bharath Natarajan, “3D Electron Tomography for Quantitative Analysis of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Filled Polymers”

Alexander Grutter, “Probing Domain Structure in High-Density Segmented Nanowire Arrays through Polarization Analyzed SANS”

Chemistry, Engineering, and Math (CEM)

Bryan A. Bryce, “Mechanical silicon vapor-liquid-solid nanowire sensors”

Krishna C. Balram, “GaAs piezo-nanobeam optomechanical cavities”

Biology, Biotechnology, and Polymers (BBP)

P. Douglas Godfrin, “Cluster mediated dynamics and viscosity in concentration protein formulations”

Muzhou “Mitchell” Wang, “Dynamics of entangled-rod-coil block copolymers”