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Click here to download the nomination form that you can complete and give to Christopher Stafford.

About Sigma Xi Membership

  • Membership in Sigma Xi is by invitation (nomination).
  • Sigma Xi membership requires nomination by two Sigma Xi members.
  • Sigma Xi membership is not linked to the possession of any specific education degree.
  • Sigma Xi membership is not contingent upon belonging to some other organization.
  • Students and non-students follow the same review process for Sigma Xi membership.
  • Neither Sigma Xi, nor any chapter of Sigma Xi, shall discriminate against candidates for election to membership on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

Sigma Xi Membership Categories

  • Full Membership.  An individual who has shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure or applied science is eligible for election to Full Membership.
    • This noteworthy achievement must be evidenced by publication as the primary author (defined in the manner appropriate to the discipline) on at least two different articles published in a refereed journal, patents, or refereed monographs.
    • Dissertations and theses alone are not considered sufficient for demonstration of this achievement and must be accompanied by at least two other publications.
  • Associate Membership.  An individual who has conducted independent investigation and written a report concerning their research is eligible for election to Associate Membership.
    • This initial research achievement can be in a field of pure or applied science.
    • The individual is expected to later achieve the requirements for Full Membership.
  • Promotion to Full Membership.  Associate Members may be promoted to Full Membership once they satisfy the Full Membership qualifications.
    • Promotion review will follow the same procedure as the initial nomination.

    For additional details on Sigma Xi membership, click here to access the Clarification Policy.

New Member Dues Rates

Click here to view the Sigma Xi new member dues rates.


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